Leslie Montgomery is an accomplished author and ghostwriter for some of our nations most prominent faith-based leaders and politicians.  While writing is like breathing to her, her secret passion has always been estate and business liquidation sales - and she's good at it!  Raised in relative poverty, Leslie watched her mother Dianne, who had an eye for decorating and buying low and selling high, pay the bills by growing her own estate sales business in Oregon. Built on integrity, professionalism, and expertise, her mother's estate business was in high demand.  Working side-by-side with her mother, and extending her knowledge through estate educational classes and self-study, Leslie learned the trade and the importance of partnering with the seller to assure that they walk away with the highest return for their possessions, as well as with peace in how the sale was handled and  in whom their belongings would now reside. Montgomery Custom Estate Sales is bonded and insured, and a member of the American Society of Estate Liquidators and the National Estate Sale Association.